Madagascar Jr.

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Thank you and congratulations to the cast!

Madagascar A Musical Adventure Jr. – Cast List
Alex       Ben Armstead
Marty    Isaiah Canterbury
Gloria    Aria Cowder
Melma    Jacob Walker
Skipper    Thomas Ward
Kowalski   Ethan Hodge
Private      Aeson Stuck
Rico          Ward Watson
Zookeeper Zelda   Annabel Canterbury
Zookeeper Zeke    Wilkes Aliff
Zookeeper Zoe      Jenna Raupp
Mason  Walker Parsons
Lioness 1   Olivia Ross
Lioness 2     Jeorgia Cook
Lioness 3     Skylar Jarrett
Zoo Guest 1   Lucy Leef*
Zoo Guest 2   Celia Bell*
Zoo Guest 3   Eliza Bell*
Zoo Guest 4   Alaina Potters*
Zoo Guest 5   Arianna Deel*
Zoo Guest 6   Sydney Loew*
Cameraman     Kalli Hinamon
Candy Hammernose Claire Kosky
Passerby   Madelyn Greene
Newspaper Man   Kamme Hinamon
Old Lady   Sydney Loew*
Police Officer 1  Ben Valleau
Police Officer 2  Ethan Grose
Subway Announcer   Sydney Loew*
Animal Control 1     Kendall Marcum
Animal Control 2     Francesca Fairless
New Yorker 1     Lucy Leef*
New Yorker 2     Celia Bell*
New Yorker 3     Eliza Bell*
New Yorker 4     Alaina Potters*
New Yorker 5     Arianna Deel*
Ship’s Captain    John Edward Leef
King Julien         Patrick Runion
Mort      Nora Clark
Lynn      Nora Aliff
Lew        Jackson Berger
Lee         Sara Zachwieja
Lars        Felix Madsen
Maurice   Ava Katz
Lemur 1   Paige Workman
Lemur 2     Kiara Perry
Lemur 3     Kitty Grose
Foosa Leader   Amal Faridi
Foosa 2   Caprice Singletary
Foosa 4   Malia Saar
Foosa 5   Kathryn Lakin
Foosa 6   Braylie Smolder
Foosa 7   Alexis Miller
Server 1   Ajayla Reese
Server 2   Eliza Bell*
Server 3   Emma Hutchison
Server 4   Sarah Saffer
Server 5   Emma Berger
Steak 1    Celia Bell*
Steak 2    Alaina Potters*
Steak 3    Lucy Leef*
Steak 4    Kylie Anderson
Steak 5    Alondra Johnson

Performances: March 28-31, 2019

Performances are at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center Little Theater.


Below are tips and resources to help you prepare for a Children’s Theatre audition.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Are actors paid?
Actors are not compensated, but gain valuable stage experience performing in a professional production.

Do I need to memorize a monologue for the audition?
Sometimes, but not always. After you sing (if the production is a musical) you may be given a copy of a scene from the play that you will be asked to read from. This is called a “cold reading.”

What is 8 bars of sheet music?
For productions that are musicals, you will be asked to sing 8 bars of music. If you look at a piece of sheet music, you will see that the notes are on a series of 5 horizontal lines. You will also see vertical lines that separate those lines into a series of groups of notes. Each one of those vertical sections is a “bar” of music. You can choose any 8 bars for an audition, so try to pick the 8 bars that show off your voice the best. You can even sing “Happy Birthday.” You will be singing a cappella (without musical instruments).

Do I need a headshot (picture) and a resume?
When you arrive you will be given an audition form to fill out. You do not need a resume. There is space on the audition form that asks you to list any theatrical or other experience. If you have a resume we will attach it to the form. A picture is not required. A digital photo will be taken during the audition process for the director to use in casting. The photos will be deleted and destroyed after the casting process is completed.

Can my parents watch my audition?
No. Parents are welcome to accompany you before and after the audition. There will be a place for them to wait while you are in your audition.

How old do you have to be to audition?
CTOC is for children 8 years old and older. We do not allow children younger than 8 to audition.

What happens if I cannot make the audition dates?
Unfortunately, if you cannot make the audition date then you will not be able to audition. We are not able to set up individual auditions.

What should I wear?
An audition is much like a job interview, except in this interview you might be asked to dance or sing! You should wear clothes and shoes that are easy for you to move in and not trip or fall. CTOC suggests you wear tennis shoes for auditions.

Will I have to audition in front of anyone else who is auditioning?
Yes. You may also be asked to do a cold reading with other people for the scene.

What is a callback?
The “callback” is a second audition where the selection process becomes more specific.  At times you may be asked to appear for a callback audition. Not every person will be asked for a callback and not being asked for a callback does not mean you have not been cast in the show. At a callback you will be asked to read additional scenes from the show, prepare music from the score, or learn a dance.  The callback is also an opportunity for the director to see and hear different combinations of actors.

What if I am not called back?
Not being called back doesn’t always mean that you aren’t being cast in the show. Sometimes a callback is needed for a director to look at the way specific groups of people fit together.

I will be out of town or not available to attend a show date or dress rehearsal, can I still audition?
Dress rehearsals and show dates are must dates and are required for the entire cast; please join us next time when those dates are open for you.

What if I can’t make all rehearsals?
CTOC generally rehearses for 6-8 weeks prior to the show. Rehearsals are held at the CTOC workshop on Bigley Avenue in Charleston. Rehearsals are scheduled on weekday evenings between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. Rehearsals are also traditionally held on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. On your audition form we will aske you to note any dates that you can’t rehearse. We are often able to work around the availability of the actors we cast. Always be honest about your availability. Excessive absences may result in you not being able to participate in the actual show or in future productions.

Can a parent stay during rehearsals?
Yes. Younger children may need a parent to stay with them during rehearsals to ensure the child knows when and where to be on stage. However, everyone who remains at a rehearsal must sit quietly so as to not disturb the rehearsal.

Can I just drop my child off, or does a parent have to stay?
A parent does not need to stay during the rehearsals. However, we do ask that children be delivered and picked up from rehearsals promptly, and that parents agree to supply transportation to and from rehearsals and performances. Cast members are required to remain inside the CTOC workshop until their transportation has arrived.

How will I know if I am cast in the show?
As soon as all casting decisions are completed, an email listing the entire cast list will be sent to everyone who has provided an email address. In addition, those not cast will receive a letter in the mail. Either way you will have an answer. Please do not call the CTOC to ask whether you have been cast or not.

What is expected if I am cast?
CTOC expects all actors and participants to exhibit the following behaviors at all times: respect, cooperation, reliability, courtesy, and safe practices.

CTOC also expects the following of all actors and their parents:

  • Parental cooperation is essential in order to make the production a rewarding and pleasant experience for all children
  • Actors are making a commitment to be present at ALL rehearsals needed and ALL performances. The only absences that are allowed are those excused by the Assistant Director or Director. If an actor will be absent from any rehearsal, CTOC must know in advance.
  • Actors must know their lines (if any) and blocking (where they need to be on stage). Parents need to help ensure all actors know their lines and blocking.
  • Younger children may require a parent to stay with them during rehearsals to ensure the child knows when and where to be on stage.
  • Actors are expected to sit quietly during rehearsals, even when not on stage.
  • CTOC has lots of costumes, props, and stage pieces in its workshop and backstage during performances. Actors should never play with, disturb or move this property, unless it is their actual costume or stage prop. Actors also should never play on any of the stage pieces.
  • Actors and their families are expected to respect the production staff, the facility and the property owned or used by the CTOC.

If I am cast, do I receive any free tickets to the show?
No. Income for CTOC comes from the sale of tickets from both our school and public performances. Except for a small amount of money received from donations and Fund for the Arts each month, ticket sale money is the only income that keeps CTOC able to provide theatrical opportunities for children and adults in the community. All family members wanting to watch the show, must purchase a ticket.

How do I purchase tickets?
When tickets go on sale you they can be purchased at the Civic Center Box Office. They will also be available on the prior to each performance at the Civic Center Little Theatre Box Office. All tickets are general admission.

Audition Resources

Please review the expectations of actors who participate in CTOC Productions here: Participation Information.