About Us

Children’s Theatre of Charleston gives children and families the opportunity to share the total theatre experience.

Every season, CTOC performs a series of shows for the general public and for audiences of school children and groups, who take a break in their day to experience the magic of live theatre. Giving children and families the opportunity to share the total theatre experience, CTOC is open to all children, regardless of age, race, religion, or nationality.
All West Virginia children may participate as long as they meet the requirement of attendance.


In May of 1932, Miss Sara Spencer, a teacher and advocate for children’s theatre programs, started a theatre group as an outgrowth of her drama class. The theatre group’s first full season, the 1932-33 season, included several full length and one-act shows. From its inception, the group received a great deal of support from the Junior League of Charleston.

In 1945, that theater group became incorporated and was chartered with the state of West Virginia and named the Children’s Theatre of Charleston, Incorporated. In 1961 Governor W.W. Barron designated the Children’s Theatre of Charleston as The Official West Virginia Children’s Theatre. Thousands of children and adults have participated in Children’s Theatre Productions over the years.View the history of our past performances here and select archives here.

Board of Directors


  • Kit Reed, President
  • Hank Goggins, Vice-President
  • Sarah Taylor, Treasurer
  • Jessica Yeager, Secretary


  • Loren Allen
  • Ashleigh Asbury
  • Bethany Cline
  • Emilie Couch
  • Kay Goodwin
  • Vesta Hurlbutt
  • Ariana Kincaid
  • Margaret Leef
  • Paula Lepp
  • Misty Pauley
  • Michelle Pierson
  • Mandy Shirley
  • Natalie Tennant
  • Missie Walker

Company Administrator

  • LeeAnne Rheinlander