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A New Decade

A New Home



**Children’s Theatre of Charleston, West Virginia’s official Children’s Theatre, has been in a temporary home for almost 2 years!  We are creating a PERMANENT home at 115 Spring Street on Charleston’s West Side – A 7000 square foot workshop that will house our rehearsal hall and set and costume shops 

**We have completed funding and started the renovation of Phase I to be completed in April 2020

 New CTOC Workshop (2)

**WE NEED YOUR HELP to complete funding for Phase 2

How Can You Help?

Private Donations

To Donate Click Here


Send a check to

Children’s Theatre of Charleston

PO BOX 11060

Charleston, WV 25339


Corporate Donations

Discover how your company can become a part of this amazing opportunity to educate the youth of West Virginia in the art of theater. 

Email us at ctocwv@gmail.com.


Naming Rights Opportunities

**A once in a lifetime opportunity to have your personal or company name on the walls of CTOC’s workshop. 

This opportunity will be limited to 6 donors who will have a permanent plaque on the designated areas of the CTOC Workshop


Rehearsal Room                                               $20,000

Family Waiting Room                                     $15,000

Actor’s Kid Café/Homework Room          $10,000

Set Workshop                                                   $10,000

Costume Workshop                                        $10,000

Kitchen                                                                $10,000



CTOC seeks to educate, empower, and entertain through education in the performing arts.

This is your opportunity to contribute to a child’s education in the arts.

Thank you for your help!


 A few photos from Renovations Phase I – the walls are coming down!

IMG_7534 IMG_7538 IMG_7537 IMG_7540 


The Maier Foundation

ZMM Architects

Lesley and Drew McAllister

Virginia and Will Slicer

Melinda Crislip

Tammy Robinson

Cheryl Crisalli

Kathy Swingle

Troy and Stephanie Giatras

Ellen and Sonny Johnstone

Erika Bartley

Cindy McGhee

Fonda Elliot

Sally Love

Pam Pushkin

Ellen Cappellanti

Marion Sinclair

Harriet and Don Deutsch

Callen McJunkin

Rachel and Jay Holcomb

Susan Pierce

Michael and Jane Victorson

Precision Components Sourcing LLC Jay Holcomb

Samme Gee

Harry and Kathy Deitzler

                      Jessica Hudson                                 

Dara Aliff & Michael Lao               

Aaron & Patti Alexander              

Jennifer Woodruff                          

Heather Abbott                               

Maggie Sammons                           

Brad & Leslie Deel                           

Richard & Jodi Katz                         

Jeff & Jessica Isner                          

Carte & Rochelle Goodwin          

Emily Kime                                         

Ken Ward Jr & Elizabeth Wehner

Valerie & Peter Raupp                  

Mark & Lori Choueiri                     

John & Debra King                          

Craig & Kathy Stuck                        

Sara & Steven Reese        

Kit Reed

Ariana Kincaid

Emilie Couch

Sarah Taylor

Michelle Pierson

Loren Allen

Mindy Armstead

Bethany Cline

Carrie Lakin

Margaret Leef

Paula Lepp

Chris Morris

Joanie Panger

Mandy Shirley

Austin Susman

Natalie Tennant

Missie Walker

Jessica Yeager