Children’s Theatre of Charleston, Inc.

Mission Statement:

The Children’s Theatre of Charleston serves and enriches our community, inspiring young people to create fulfilling and productive lives through the art of theater.


Theater educates! We believe theatre is vital for well-rounded youth development whether the child is an actor or patron. We believe the arts are central to learning and that they delight enlighten and enchant. Theater is a tool for active and critical learning in which young actors are introduced to critical ideas and skills, such as empathy, tolerance, concentration, speech, communication, cooperation, problem solving, memorization, social awareness, and poise.


Theater empowers! We believe theatre empowers children by developing their skills, confidence, curiosity and imagination. While performing in front of a live audience our young actors begin to trust their ideas and abilities and develop confidence, critical to their future development and success. Themes presented in our shows inspire and motivate our young patrons in their own lives.


Theater entertains! We believe theater opens many doors for children and enriches the lives of those who take part in it. Theater brings fun, play, humor, compassion, joy and wisdom to our lives: this improves motivation and reduces stress.  Live entertainment — especially for kids — provides an added dimension to an appreciation of the arts.  It’s more of an experience, not merely entertainment.  Audiences are not simply spectators, but contributors to the complete live theater experience. Live shows bind audiences together in a community where they are asked to be compassionate, perhaps to laugh with or grieve with, as well as to understand people, lives and cultures different from their own. 


Children’s Theater of Charleston envisions a world in which all children experience life changing effects of theatre, including sparking their creativity, boosting their self-confidence and igniting a passion for the arts.

CTOC Values:

Passion for People

Theatre is for everyone. We provide a happy, friendly and safe environment for our actors and patrons. 


We remove barriers and touch the lives of many people, including those who seldom have the opportunity to experience the joy of theatre.


Community service is at our core. We nurture and inspire our community by providing a live theatre experience for thousands of area children and families. We collaborate with other organizations and believe in art as a vehicle to bring communities together.


We pursue quality and professionalism in every aspect of theatre, education and outreach. 


The social interaction and risk taking in drama develop trust in self, others, and the process.


In a technology driven world, theatre provides an outlet for imagination, innovation and creative expression.


We treat each other and ourselves with respect, approaching every interaction with honesty and integrity. We bring together diverse populations of our community and provide a nurturing, safe environment for all that pass through our doors